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Welcome to Green Magic Resorts, Wayanad, Kerala

Are you an eco-adventurer to the magical destination Wayanad? If so, let us head towards Wayanad, the tropical paradise in Kerala, India. As we proceed to this magical destination along the mountain pass, we can see mist is setting everywhere and you are welcomed with a fresh path of nature that leads you to blissful moments. Wayanad is a magical destination, one of the richest bio-diversity hotspots on Earth, and hub of eco destinations which together is forging the promise of a better eco-tourism experience to travellers of all seasons.

The perfection of your journey to Wayanad reaches at its peak when you lodge in Green Magic Resort, Vythiri ,Wayanad. Escaping from your daily life on a relaxing gateway doesn’t have to mean taking a break from the green life. This eco resort has many best kept secrets to rejuvenate your soul and spirit. In every way possible, we tried to use green, sustainable and recycled materials in constructing the resort. Accommodations range from a complete standard to elegant. Visitors can enjoy creative amenities in and around the resort. Tree houses nestled in the midst of pepper and cardamom surrounded by exquisite greenery and rich bio-diversity of flora and fauna make your hideaway so special place for relaxation and natural living. This is the tropical rain forest where nature has been blissfully preserved; free from pollution, a hundred varieties of tree ferns, mosses and flowering plants, flamboyant coloured butterflies and birds adding to its glory.


Tree House at wayanad
Water Activities in Wayanad
Rapelling at Wayanad
Jungle side Stream Wayanad

On Earth There is no heaven, but there are pieces of it...!

Our Accommodations

Green Magic Resort allows accommodations like Tree Houses, Eco-Lodge inorder to make everyone feel the elegance of nature. Our resort accomodation ranges from a complete standard.

Highlighted Facilities

  • Sky-High Tree House
  • Eco Lodge
  • Tree Hut at Wayanad

    Sky - High Tree House View more

    At Green magic resort, there are tree houses incredibly constructed to make your vacation meaningful. Apart from being unique places to stay, tree houses are an absolute delight, if you're a nature lover. Our exclusive tree houses are spread in a plantation that is situated in a dense jungle.

    Eco Lodge near Wayanad Jungle

    Eco-Lodges View more

    At Green magic resort, there are Eco lodges that are constructed to feel everyone, the enchanting beauty of nature. The nature that is rich in biodiversity, enlights all its elements for the so much contentment for everyone in every moment.

    The clearest way into the Universe is through a forest wilderness.